Feature Friday: My Personal Stylist

I have a confession to make. I hate shopping. Like, hate. I hate it. You guys, I know I've had actual real life conversations with people who don't believe me when I say this, but I don't know how to dress myself, I promise. I actually have to try really hard.

This past winter, you might remember that I had to schedule a photoshoot for a little interview I did for an online hairstylists' magazine (hint: that photo above was the shoot I'm talking about). Well, I had to schedule it last minute and panicked because I didn't know what the hell I was going to wear. After a few failed attempts at dressing myself in weird combinations out of my own closet, I bit the bullet I ended up going out to Crocker Park which is where I met the woman who would forever change my wardrobe and therefore life. (Lol, but seriously.)

I'd been in Evereve before but, as per usual, didn't have time to really shop. This time, I was on a mission. I told Sarah (the stylist who offered to help me) about my photoshoot and things I liked and disliked about certain styles and without further ado, she set me up in a fitting room and kept the clothes coming. It was pretty awesome, unlike any previous shopping experience where someone else was picking out the clothes - because, go figure, I actually LIKED what she was giving me! She put together some of the most effortlessly cool outfits that I would've never had the patience or chutzpah to pick out and put together myself (I mean, moto leather Spanx leggings? Seriously?), and - shocker - I was actually having fun trying things on! I pulled out the plastic and went home with an armful of staples and statement pieces, and felt like a million bucks.

A couple months passed and I had an itch for some new pieces but ugh, I didn't have time or patience to drive all the way out to Crocker to go through another marathon try-on sesh. What was a girl to do?

Enter Evereve Trendsend. You've all heard of Stitch Fix, right? Well, it's kind of like that, but better. Why better? Because I KNOW my personal stylist, I've met her in real life, she's seen my actual body and she's dressed me in the actual store, and I mean, I'm friends with her on Instagram for Pete's sake! I filled out a profile online, Sarah sends me three full outfits once a month (or less, whenever I want, really), and whatever I don't like, I send back. I only pay for what I keep! So yes, it's almost exactly like Stitch Fix, but, like I said, better. SO MUCH BETTER!

(All right, I'm just going to throw myself under the bus here and you can have a little chuckle at my expense. If you don't believe me that I have help getting dressed, the next time you see me, just look at my shoes. Chances are they don't really go with my outfit and if they do, it's by sheer luck. Because you know, my outfits were for the most part pre-assembled, but the shoes were all me. Insert face-palm emoji here!)

So yeah, any cute outfit you've ever complimented me on was likely the work of a professional stylist, and now the cat's out of the bag! If you're like me and you don't have time or patience to sift through racks of clothes, or don't even know what could be considered "fashionable," maybe you should give Trendsend a try! If you're a Clevelander, just be sure to choose store #33 and Sarah as your stylist!


*Photo cred: @lylahrosewolff

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