This past week has been insane. A work trip for Tim coincided with spring break for my little, and being the motivated business-owner that I am, I neglected to take either of those things into consideration when I recently extended my in-salon hours... which meant I would need to haul the kiddo off to Grandma's for a few days so that I could serve my guests for the two and a half 11-hour days that I had booked solid behind the chair. On top of that, my training for Natural Beaded Rows started this week, and I have had mandatory assignments to be completed and turned in every single day. It's the first week of April so of course I needed to get my newsletter out. AND, knowing I would have some "time off" from family/home responsibilities, I scheduled in a couple wine/coffee dates with friends, too

Can I back up and get real for a second? Well I'm going to. I love social media, in particular, the creative and visually-inspired part of me really loves Instagram. I've been making an attempt to step up my Insta-game and it's been paying off, as truly the majority of my new business comes from people who found me through social media. As many small business owners do, I have a stockpile of curated photos that make it easy for me to stay connected with my people 6 days a week at the simple touch of a few buttons. And there you have it, folks. I would venture to say at this point that there are likely very few business owners that don't manage their social media feeds with some method of planning and automation.

WELLLLL. That being said, earlier this week I created a caption for a photo that I intended to post today, listing all of the miraculous things that I had accomplished this week and how wonderful it felt to be so on top of my life and business, and blah blah, aren't I just the most put-together, life-slaying, motivated and inspirational small business owner you ever did see on Instagram? Side eye to the max.

I had to laugh at myself when I pulled up that post this morning. Did I accomplish a lot this week? Yes. And did it feel good to check off the boxes on what seems like a never ending to do list? Of course! Did I manage to actually do everything on that list of things I wrote on Monday that I had accomplished by Friday? Hell to the no. Did I stress myself out and did I spend more than a few hours feeling like garbage for one reason or another? You betcha.

Here's the real story:

I stayed up wayyyyy too late on Monday working on something I probably should've just put off in favor of a good night's sleep (self-imposed deadlines are my nemesis). I was exhausted on Tuesday, so after dropping Lennon off at Grandma's and returning home to an empty house and three uncooked Sunbasket meals, I opted to NOT cook and instead threw a frozen grain-free Capello's pizza in the oven, ate almost the entire thing in one sitting, and passed out on the couch spooning my two dogs. HA! Hashtag-truth. Cue the rest of the evening spent in frantic work-mode, and once again I was up way too late. Wednesday was the first 11-hour day I had worked behind the chair in a long time, and reminded me why I don't usually do that. I was sore and tired from the physical labor of being on my feet with arms in the air the entire day on top of having a poor night's sleep the night before. And having a mandatory assignment due every day for NBR meant using any opportunity I would've had to eat during the day to complete and turn the daily assignment in! Because I don't usually make enough time for friends, I had jumped at the opportunity this week to schedule a long overdue wine-date with a girlfriend for that evening, which was fanTASTic but probably not the best choice for my already tired, dehydrated, and malnourished body at that point in the evening! Another night late to bed and another early morning on Thursday... my one glass of Bordeaux and copious amounts of aged cheeses on Wednesday night induced a headache of epic proportions that lasted me all through another long-ass workday behind the chair and well into the evening on Thursday. Friday morning arrived and I just had the most wonderful conversation over coffee with a woman I would love to call one of my best friends, although the actual amount of time we spend with each other outside of our businesses and family is laughable - I don't care, I will still call her a soul mate! We commiserated over the pressure to show up every day on social media and in our businesses, in the community, and for our families. It's a ridiculous juggling act and I often joke that 98 of my 100 balls are on the floor at any given point in time.

I have to remind myself daily what it is I'm trying to do, what do I hope to accomplish, and who am I serving? At the end of the day, as a business owner, the deadlines I create are 99% of the time self-imposed, and I am very fortunate to be able to make the conscious decision to change those deadlines for myself if I so choose. But the endless inundation of others' social media "success" - in whatever measure - is constantly keeping me on my toes, USUALLY pulling me off my path, and ALWAYS stressing me out with the pressure to keep up!

I guess the point of this post is to laugh at myself and share with all of you, something you've probably heard from one person or another at some point recently on social media: the things we post for the world to see online, those are only ever our best work, the best version of ourselves, and what we CHOOSE to share with the world... which is just a small fraction of who we really are and how our life really manifests from day to day. On Monday, I wanted to be able to say that by Friday I had accomplished 45 things, finished half a dozen projects, etc... but guess what? I didn't. And that's okay because I'm really happy with what I DID accomplish, the conversations I had, the people I touched, and the fact that I am always making progress and moving forward. You can wait till next Monday (or next FRIDAY) to read my newsletter, chances are you aren't waiting for it anyway. My logo for Heyday Collective isn't totally where I want it, and that's okay. I breathed a sigh of relief when I read that today's assignment for NBR isn't due until MONDAY (thank god). And I didn't get a single workout in this week. But I DID do some really amazing things and I am writing this with 100% transparency which is something I want to do more and more and more. Truly. So stay tuned.

PHEW, that felt good.

Now it's time to go make someone feel really beautiful at the salon, pick up my daughter, and spend the rest of the weekend with the MacBook closed and my focus where it needs to be until Monday morning. I hope all of you get to do the same.

Talk soon,

© 2020 erin frazee

photos by This Lovely Light