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MASTERY experience

coming soon

An in-depth virtual course for licensed cosmetologists to learn the Heyday Hand-Tied Hair Extension Installation Method and to feel confident in starting and growing their hand-tied hair extensions business.

The Mastery Experience includes:

Heyday Hand-Tied: The Method

(with online accountability and troubleshooting)

Bonus Bundle

with Business Blueprint

Optional Upgrade:

Live Model Assessment at Heyday Collective



a step-by-step process to creating instagram-worthy hair transformations with hand-tied wefts

coming soon

In this DIY virtual program you will learn the advanced technical skills to offer a highly-in-demand salon service - the installation of hand-tied wefts using a beaded row method - and experience confidence in your ability to attract a luxury clientele.


business blueprint

accelerate the growth of your hand-tied hair extensions business with streamlined systems to help you earn more, work less, and deliver the luxury experience your clients deserve

coming soon

In this course, you will go from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with a disorganized extensions business to feeling confident and in-control with streamlined systems that allow you to focus on delivering an elevated experience to a continual stream of new extensions clients.


  • Master the pre-appointment experience with a seamless inquiry, consultation, and booking process

  • Take the headache out of pricing your services and ensure your client feels confident with you as the expert

  • Bonus Q+A Interview to include answers to commonly asked questions regarding working with models, double-booking, working with an assistant, how to transition to an extensions-dominant or -exclusive clientele, when to raise your prices, and more


advanced artists:

one-row wonders

coming soon

A virtual class for licensed cosmetologists to learn how to make dramatic transformations with just one row.

Learn how to introduce your non-extensions clients to fuller, thicker hair with a single row. Identify who is an ideal candidate for one row, and help your clients extend the life of their extension hair by varying their style, and learn why Erin LOVES her one-row-wonders!


Advanced artists:

mastering ends

coming soon

A virtual class for licensed cosmetologists to troubleshoot common issues that come up with anchor beads and securing hand-tied weft ends.

Learn what causes certain issues with anchor beads as well as demo of Erin's simple beading and stitching method to secure weft ends that can easily be combined with any other method.


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