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I've done my best to include answers to EVERY single question I've gotten via email, in-person, or on social media. If by chance you don't see your question answered here, you can email me and I will not only answer you, I'll also add your question to this ever-growing database of Q+A!​​

what method of extensions do you do?
how much do your extensions cost?
how often do I have to come in for maintenance appointments?
what hand-tied extensions methods have you been trained in?
How long do appointments take?
Should I pack a lunch?
Do hand-tied extensions hurt?
How long will the extensions last before I have to buy new hair?
Do I need to come in for a consultation first?
Can I wear my hair up with these extensions?
Can I go swimming with my extensions in?
Can I bring in my own hair for you to install?
Can I get extensions without getting hair color?
Can my regular stylist Do my Color and You Just Do My Extensions?
How Do I know you can do my color?
Can I get my extensions moved up without getting my color done every time?
I need gray coverage every 4 weeks. Can we make this work?
I want to be super blonde. Can you do it?
I already have hand-tied extensions from another stylist.
What service should i book with you?
Are you accepting new clients?
Do you offer hair extensions in different lengths?
What is your rewards program?
can you tell me more about what it's like to take care of hand-tied hair extensions at home?
I don't see my question here!

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