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I'm looking for women to participate as one- and two-row models for my Heyday Hand-Tied education offerings! As a model you will have the chance to experience Heyday Hand-Tied Hair installed by either myself or one of my students as part of their education process. I will be present for the duration of your installation to ensure accuracy, safety, and quality control.

If you have been considering getting Heyday Hand-Tied Hair extensions, this might be the perfect opportunity to have them installed for a significantly reduced initial installation rate. Just be sure you're aware of the commitment required to maintain your new dream hair before you sign up!


Ready to get started?


  • Your hair must be at least collarbone length, and have layers no shorter than your cheekbones to be considered for hand-tied hair extensions. 

  • You must not have any home-hair-color (box dye) or vivid colors (blue, pink, etc) on your hair.

  • Your hair must be in good condition (no excessive breakage from over-processing).

  • You must not require a color correction (no dramatic changes from dark to light or light to dark).

  • Your schedule must be flexible during the week, Monday through Friday from 11am-5pm.

  • You must come to your model appointment with your makeup done, and wearing a neutral-colored, non-patterned top that will not distract from your hair.

  • You must be comfortable in front of a camera, as we will likely be taking both still shots and video footage.

  • Hand-Tied Hair extensions are my specialty, and I spend 100% of my time in the salon doing only this service. As a model, you must be willing to trust my artistic discretion with hair color, volume, and length - if you are hesitant, being a model might not be for you! On the other hand, if you just need some convincing, scroll through my Instagram or check out my testimonials​!



If you are selected to be a model for Heyday Hand-Tied hair extensions, you are eligible for up to $800 off your initial installation - (that's the entire installation fee!) - however, you will be required to pay for your extension hair. Please visit my services page to review how much hair costs so you know what to expect before signing up to be a model.



  • If you are a hand-tied hair extensions stylist yourself and interested in having me install hand-tied hair you intend to purchase on your own (not through me), you MUST SUBMIT a model application first and you MUST AGREE to purchase the hair I select for you in the consultation process.

  • You will pay the initial installation fee for your desired number of rows (see my pricing here) plus an additional $750 fee for the one-on-one coaching that will occur during your appointment! I welcome and encourage you to come with questions!

  • If you choose to have me maintain your extensions, you will pre-book your appointments at full price and during my regular business hours, and you will continue to enjoy the same elevated experience all of my clients receive!

  • I'm flattered you regard my work highly enough to come experience it - and I look forward to helping you in any way I can!